Roles and Responsibilities
Level 1 Mechanic
• Perform preventative maintenance and repairs and parts replacements on forklifts, pickups, semi, trailers, farm tractors and farm equipment
• Change oil and/or transmission fluid and filters & lube
• Regular maintenance functions on trucks and equipment
• Maintain shop cleanliness
• Track and record work done on each job
• Other relate duties as assigned
Level 2 Mechanic
• Roles and Responsibilities of level 1 Mechanic
• Inspect, maintain, diagnose, and repair heavy equipment as needed
• Work on various mechanical and engine components, instruments (e.g. pumps, controllers, valves, etc.), engine makes/types and accessories
• Perform thorough maintenance on machinery, equipment and systems such as replace engine, transmission and rebuild components
• Keep logs of work for maintenance activities such as repairs, parts used, cost, and other information and report on issues

Qualifications and Requirements
Level 1
• High School Diploma/GED or higher level
• 1-2 years PM Mechanic experience
Lever 2
• Meet all requirements of level 1 Mechanic
• Minimum 4-5 years mechanical experience

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